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Dolled Up Pamper Party Adventures… the Piggy Adventure Farm

Updated: Jun 29

We have our granddaughter every week and we are always on the lookout for new things to do.

So, this week we went to Piglets Adventure Farm, York. It was 30 mins away from Dolled Up Pamper Party which was great as it was 1000 degrees outside and the air conditioning was not working on our pamper van. Anyway, we hit the road with our windows fully open. The breeze was beautiful. 


I had visited with my two grandsons a few years ago but it was very different back then. The lady who sold us our tickets in the gorgeous gift shop told us how the farm had grown organically, the best kind of growth, from families visiting the animals in the field to what it is today. A little like Dolled Up Pamper Party, the growing, we don’t have animals (unless you count the cute fluffy teddies in the meditation room and the animal archetypes). 


There was now the addition of the beach! Picture a film set made to look like a children’s luxury beach with cute little beach huts you can hire, water pumps and fountains, a beach cafe and shop where you can buy buckets, spades, sun cream, ice cream and a whole bunch of other beach related stuff and you’re there. 


And then there was the fairy forest! I want to live barefoot in this forest. It is a magical woodland walk made by fairies themselves I’m sure. From the cute little fairy houses in the tree trunks to the whispering voices from the fairies and trolls in the bushes and under the foot bridge over the water, not forgetting the troll house. This forest is right out of a fairytale. 


The sun was out in what was the hottest day of the year so far (probably our only one) but there were lots of shaded areas to retreat to and enjoy our pizza and ice creams. 


There was a ‘pet the animal session’ about to start but we didn’t want her trying to ride the guinea pigs, like she does our Akitas so we decided to skip that and walk around the track to see the larger animals instead. 


The go karts were great, all the dads were on with their little ones and Paul had a great time buzzing around the track. 


We bounced on the piggy pillows but not for too long because it was too hot and so we decided after a good few hours that we needed to get out of the heat (we would’ve spent the full day there had it not been so hot and her only being 12 months old ) and back into the pamper van and we headed back to our base; Dolled Up Pamper Party, where she busied herself rearranging the Miss Nella Display again!

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