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Green Green Grass … Blue Blue …. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh 🤯

It's without a doubt our most favourite karaoke song and always a good one to start with if the kids are a little stage shy 🙈

Through the eyes of a child, our parties are mesmerising, magical and truly fantastical. Behind the scenes, there is a hint of psychology in each element of the party.

Looking out for each other and togetherness is a key theme in the Face Mask Bar workshop and the meditation that we do in the relaxation room. Finding a few moments of peace, teaching the importance of relaxation and mindfulness.

When the party moves upstairs to the karaoke stage, its about supporting each other and confidence ... the karaoke, as fun as it is, can be daunting for some and so friends who are less nervous support the ones who are and sing alongside them.

We are highly adaptive and we alter the style of our parties as we go along. Vicky has a professional background in Psychology, teaching and a Masters in writing, and has worked for a long time with children who require a bit more help in their younger years and teens.

We absolutely love what we do and want you to know that your kids are in a fantastic, safe environment and nothing is too much for us to deal with.

Did you know that Vickys daughter Giorgia has a room in our premises - Aurora Rose Beauty - which offers a wide range of adult treatments so while your kids are having fun, you can have anything from waxing to brows ... info available by message.

Oh and coming soon are the Writers workshops, aimed at kids, teens and adults too. Obviously there will be snacks, refreshments and a few hours of interactive,discussion and writing ✍️

We hope you have all had a great weekend, we have without a doubt. We are closed Mondays so we can recover :-)

Paul & Vicky

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