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The "Don't Hover, But Be There" Conundrum

Understanding Your kids at a Dolled Up Pamper Party.

Get ready for a whirlwind of excitement, self-expression, and maybe a gentle push for independence! This age can be confusing – they seem to crave your absence, yet a comforting presence is still crucial. Let's delve into the fascinating psychology behind it.

The 7-Year-Old Shift: Psychologists such as Piaget, call this stage "concrete operational thought." Previously, your child's world revolved around them. Now, they're developing logic, understanding rules, and forming strong social bonds. This newfound independence can manifest in a desire for control.

Why the "Go Away, Mum!"?

It's not that they don't love you! This pushback is about self-discovery. They're eager to make choices, explore their individuality, and navigate social situations on their own terms. At a Dolled Up Pamper Party, this might translate to wanting to choose their own nail polish colour or do their own (slightly messy) face mask application, not to mention the karaoke (take yourself back to when you were a child, now imagine your besties mum and dad stood watching you sing. I know I would have been horrified and froze) or even worse; telling you to sing! We find kids have the best time when they're just left to it.

Rest assured, they still crave your security blanket. While they may appear independent, knowing you're nearby provides a sense of comfort and allows them to fully immerse themselves in the party. Think of yourself as a supportive fairy godmother, ready to step in if a glitter mishap occurs (we never get these by the way, well maybe now and again but it's usually us that spill the glitter).

Here's how we create the perfect party that celebrates your children and their independence while ensuring they feel secure:

Empowering Choices: Dolled Up Pamper Party offer a variety of treatments giving them ownership over their pampering experience!

Structured Yet Fun: Our strategic party format provides a clear structure based on psychology and fun. You can relax knowing they're in good hands.

Our experienced party leaders are there to guide the fun and address any concerns. But don't feel obligated to hover! Enjoy some peace of mind knowing your little one is having a blast (and learning valuable skills).

Remember, this "independence stage" is a positive and necessary step! It's your child blossoming into a confident & resilient individual. At Dolled Up Pamper Party, we understand the delicate balance between fostering their independence and providing a secure environment. So, relax, enjoy some "you" time on our gorgeous couches where you can watch the party on the TV screen or even get a pamper treatment yourself with our very own Aurora Rose Beauty Therapist and relax in the knowledge that your little star is shining and having the party of their life!

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