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We look after the parents too!

We pride ourselves on every single aspect of our parties; from the moment you walk through the door, to the minute you leave.

Whilst parents are watching the whole event from our super cosy reception area on CCTV, we furnish you with lovely Tea, Coffee, bottled spring water etc. on top of this you also get to nibble on cakes and treats (made by local businesses) and of course, you can have fruit instead :-)

You can even have a go at Walking The Plank on our VR headset :-) (Don't look down 🤮)

So, this evening, we are uploading a few events for Easter and school hols... that's the plan at least... more likely that we are in bed for 9 for tomorrows parties 🥳

Have a lovely weekend all and as always, we invite you to suggest workshops


Vicky & Paul

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