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How Does 4-2-5 Defense Play Slots

It’s simple and straightforward. You can apply it to the entire defense. But let’s go deeper. Focus in on the 4-2-5 Defense Strong Safety. (you can create a similar checklist for every position) This is all about anticipation.

Slowing the game down. You want your player to make an educated guess on what is about to happen. The main advantage of running the 4-2-5 is speed. In the age of the spread offense, teams are trying to create space for their fastest players.. Popular 4-2-5 Coaching Videos Dante Bartee: The Multiple 4-2-5 Defense CLICK HERE Covering and Pressuring the RPO: The Complete Series CLICK HERE 4-2-5 Defense Playbooks

How Does 4-2-5 Defense Play Slots - Rowan Casino

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