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The Animal Archetype Project 

Step into the wild world of the Animal Archetype Project! An exciting adventure that combines the magic of archetypal psychology with the power of self-fulfilling prophecies. It's all about discovering positive traits that help kids build resilience, boost confidence, and foster healthier mental wellbeing. A fun-filled journey to a better, brighter, and more confident self!


So, here's the scoop: After spending countless year working therapeutically with children, I spotted a gap, a need for something more...something magica, and voila! The Animal Archetype Project was born. This isn't your average run-of-the-mill CBT session. No, no, this is fun, interactive, and best of all, it doesn't come with a years-long waiting list.


Our project is powered by Dolled Up Pamper Party because we believe in giving back to our communities. We interact with hundreds of kiddos each month, and their parents share with us their worries about their little ones struggling post-covid.


But guess what? Every parent is stunned by how well their children adapt to the meditation segment of the party. Drawing from my experience and qualifications in psychology, specifically archetype psychology, I've curated a program that's not just beneficial but also super fun!


Instead of having children sit in a room, talking about things they don't fully understand, the Archetype Project focuses on promoting self-confidence and resilience in a playful, engaging way. After all, who said mental health couldn't be fun?

For an information pack and pricing, please email us.

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