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Tired of the same old boring parties year after year? Let Dolled Up fix that for you.

Updated: May 2, 2022

I've endured more than my share of kid's parties. My oldest is now 27. I have four children and two grandchildren. However, when they suggest meeting for a playdate at a ball pool or kids' indoor play area, I break out in a PTSD-related sweat!

I remember the days (I'd like to say fondly but I that would be a lie) of throwing copious amounts of coffee down my neck (wishing it was wine - or arsenic), wondering how I was going to survive the next hour of screams, snot, and tears (and that was on a good day).

I would do anything to avoid being cooped up in a children's play area. I preferred to spend time, trying to stay a little bit sane, in the woods, at the park, anywhere but not another play area, please.

And then comes the...... wait for it...... party invitation!

Their beaming faces, attached to skipping bodies would come bounding out the classroom; "Mummy, I've got another invite!"

My brain would go immediately into 'fight, flight, freeze or fawn'. Well, you can't 'fight' other people's kids (actually, you can because I have seen this in a play area or two in my time), and having to act like a responsible adult means 'freeze' is not an option. Flight? If only! And so that leaves us with fawn. Fawn it was, over and over, year after year. That is; pleasing everybody and anybody but not ourselves (that's what parents do isn't it? It's what we sign up for without knowing what we are signing up for when we become parents - another trap). And so we endure many years of torment in children's play areas.

And with all this in mind Dolled Up Pamper Party was born.

Dolled up now come to you. We are a pop-up pamper party company and more. We operate from our custom-built van and so the kids are outside.

The screams straight out of hell from the play area are replaced with songs from the karaoke. The kids get excited without running around banging heads, lobbing things at each other, and dragging each other down slides - backwards. There's no "mum, dad, granny, can we have five thousand pounds to buy some crap that will give us even more crazy energy (we do provide sweet cones though) or toys that we will lose in the carnage and then cry for the next hour until you buy us another one that will end up under the car seat for the next five years.

We also have bell tents available for hire to suit any age and event. We have lots of packages such as; movie nights and spa packages that you can add on to further enhance your celebrations. We have teepees too.

So, for a party that's not straight from the bowels of the devil himself, contact Dolled Up Pamper Party. You will not be disappointed.

See our social media @dolleduppamperparty for photos & videos or fill in our contact form for further info or to book.

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