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And in a blink … Easter was gone!

Hope you all had a fantastic relaxing Easter Weekend - it was over in a blink.. yet e didn't stop all the way through!

⭐️ Diamond Parties with some of the best Karaoke we have seen - fantastic

⭐️ Twilight workshops - we did art, jeweller making, face masks, card making ...

⭐️ Mother & Daughter packages which actually teach you how to be good to yourself and switch off in our meditation room - precious time together

⭐️ We keep on innovating, working with botanists to create vegan friendly, toxin and chemical free skin care for children, teens and adults- quite soon we will be announcing something very unique and we are buzzzing about it

Please ensure that you book well in advance for parties as we are seeing limited availability all the way through to July - in addition, the Pampervan is fully booked throughout the rest of 2024.


Paul & Vicky

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