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Woodstocksbridge: A Festival of Kindness

Woodstocksbridge: A Festival of Kindness

Picture this: a bustling festival at Woodstocksbridge. We were on our toes from 9 am to 10 pm, fuelled by a solitary banana, water, and a cheeky cider that Lucy, the event organiser kindly provided us with. The notoriously unpredictable British weather had added a touch of adventure with muddy roads and as a grand finale, we got stuck for an hour due to slippery mats. Talk about being in the hot seat, with a convoy waiting behind us!

But here's the plot twist: not a single groan. Our fellow festival-goers and organisers, probably famished and fatigued, jumped out of their vehicles to lend a hand. This spontaneous outpouring of kindness, despite the hiccup, was a heart warming affirmation of the beauty of human spirit.

Let's now shift gears to the Burnt House Theory. Picture your life as a house, marked by the trials and triumphs of time, like burn marks on the wall. The secret sauce to happiness is focusing on repainting these marks with vibrant colours of positivity. The camaraderie we experienced became a fresh layer of paint on our life-house.

And who can forget the adorable Cheeky Pancake Van that beeped us a cheerful goodbye at the roundabout! A tiny gesture, but it was like a ray of sunshine, a testament to the fact that kindness comes in all sizes.

Yes, we hit the hay at 2 am and had to face a 7am start the day after preparing for a mountain of parties. But we took to it with a spring in our step, buoyed by the power of human kindness, a secret ingredient to a memorable day at the festival.

So here's a nugget of inspiration for you: Let's all be the pancake van, spreading warmth and happiness. Let's help each other repaint, adding strokes of positivity, one at a time. Because, at the end of the day, it's our shared kindness and connections that make life the most vibrant festival of all and never forget; humans are actually wired for kindness.


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