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New Events & More On The Way 💫

Updated: Mar 17

We have just battled with the app for a few hours to publish some new events - then accidentally deleted them all .... twice 🤯


🌟 Spring/Easter Workshops £20per child - 2hr

🌟 Family Facemask bar workshop with afternoon/afterschool tea (see ad for further info)

Typically this is popular with Mum, Daughter and gran but we see an increasing number of father & son joining these sessions too - super popular as skin care and wellbeing is in the spotlight now for boys as well as girls. We now call this workshop Family Facemask Bar.

Primarily this is about fun but we promote this session to allow for families to come together and actually spend quality time together in a beautiful, ambient and comfortable setting with hosts that actually focus all their attention on you, not their phones 🤣

On our first open weekend, one mum loved it so much that she wanted to stay in the relaxation room 🤣 and has booked monthly, just her and her daughter ❤️

The reality of life is that sadly, more often than not, we get swept away in our 9-5's and miss them growing up - it all passes sooo fast.

We run these sessions at times that suit you, so drop us a message and book in 💫

Goodnight all,

Paul & Vicky

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