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No Exceptions to Fun: How We Threw an Unforgettable Allergy Friendly Birthday Party

At Dolled Up Pamper Party, we believe every child deserves a magical birthday experience, no exceptions! Recently, we had the opportunity to host a party for a special guest with severe allergies, some being airborne. While it presented some challenges and worries, it ultimately became a heartwarming reminder of why we do what we do.

We understand the worry parents face when their child has allergies. That's why we take food safety incredibly seriously. For this party, we went above and beyond our usual cleaning protocols, ensuring a spotless environment free of allergens.

Finding delicious, allergy-friendly options proved a little trickier. We discovered the shocking markup on "free-from" food, which we believe is simply unfair. But there was an adequate selection at both Tesco and Morrisons.

To ensure a wider variety for future guests, we will be expanded our "free-from" range! And also adding a few other surprises to our menu.

This experience opened our eyes to the daily realities of living with allergies. The stress we felt preparing paled in comparison to what families face every day.

According to Allergy UK, a staggering 40-50% of children have been diagnosed with at least one allergy.

Here at Dolled Up Pamper Party, we believe in creating memories that will last a lifetime. We are committed to offering a fun and safe space for every child to celebrate, regardless of allergies. And as worrisome as it was, knowing we provided a safe and inclusive environment made it all worthwhile, especially seeing how happy she was and that she was able to stay at the party until the very end instead of having to leave before the food was served.

The business of making other people happy is the best business to be in.

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