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Relax - We do everything, so you don’t have to!

The Diamond package is by far our most popular package and for good reason!

💎 Includes everything

🌟 The Facemask bar workshop

🌟 VIP access to the relaxation room

🌟 Meditation with cucumbers on your eyes

🌟 Party food in the Woodland picnic room

🌟 Corked alcohol free champagne 🥂

🌟 Chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows

🌟 Extra treatments

⭐️ Airbrush Tattoos

⭐️ Festival face glitter ✨

⭐️ Nails & Nail art 💅

⭐️ Pedicure/paint

As standard you get Karaoke, Fancy dress, props on our fantastic sound stage.

Of course, we don't give all our secrets away and some things you only get to know about by booking with us 💫

In addition, we have a luxuriously comfortable reception area or, while you're waiting for the little ones but why not treat yourself - Mums can also enjoy a Facemask bar, relaxation room, refreshments & nibbles (message for more info)

For more info on anything we do, drop us a message or give us a call 📞

Paul & Vicky

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